Miracles Come To The World Wide Web

The critically acclaimed graphic novel Between The Cracks: All Miracles Have A Price makes its webcomic debut at Webcomics Nation.

Making the leap from print to the web, author and illustrator Harris O’Malley has brought his graphic novel Between The Cracks: All Miracles Have A Price to Webcomics Nation.

“It was the next logical step for All Miracles Have A Price,” said Mr. O’Malley. “I’m pleased to be offering my work online, and to really explore the potential for web publishing.”

Miracles Have A Price is a collection of five dark urban fantasy stories set in the city of Abbott. “Abbot is a haunted city,” said Mr. O’Malley. “It’s a town where the dead walk the streets and mythic creatures lurk in every shadow and alley. The chapters follow the stories of the people who live in Abbott, trying to make their way through the night.”

In addition to the graphic novel, Mr. O’Malley has included an author’s commentary, talking about the comic itself and the creative process behind them. “I’ve always been a fan of the director’s commentary for DVDs; publishing via the web gives me the chance to offer added content that would be difficult to include in a print medium.”

All Miracles Have A Price updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, only at Webcomics Nation.