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Webcomicstock Cleanup
It can’t be anything like the utter mess left by the original Woodstockers, could it?  (let alone the Gen-Xy Woodstock ’98 crowd).  For another recap and photos of the event ten years from now you’ll say you were at even if you weren’t – visit Gary over at Fleen (you have to click the links in the post to see the photos).  Digital Strips was there too and recorded some panels and did a lot of interviews (audio) that they’re posting this week.  Finally, Publisher’s Weekly has another writeup of NEWW.

Honestly – do you like "motion comics" or not?  Or does it depend on how and how well they’re done.  The Unofficial Apple blog has a story on the Watchmen "motion comic" and Scott McCloud chimes in on his displeasure with the trend.  I haven’t seen the Watchmen one so I don’t know much about it and whether it’s similar or not to other efforts like those on Clickwheel.  (Speaking of Scott McCloud – there’s a new interview with him up here – in what is actually not all that novel anymore, the interviewer has formatted the interview with McCloud to look like one of McCloud’s infinite canvas comics.


Ben Driscoll of Daisy Owl quit the day job last Friday to work full time on his webcomic:

I have officially, as of Friday, left my job to do Daisy Owl full time. Thanks so much for reading the comic, for helping out with signed strips, and for just being awesome in general. I hope to do this for a long, long time, and you guys make it possible. Holy crap. – Ben

Daisy Owl is supported by signed strips and donations. Also, a painting of Mr. Owl is for up for auction, check it out >


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