A Webcomic? It’s a Comic on the ‘Tubes, Guv’ner!

Rich Stevens and Meredith Gran will be representin’ the Colonies at this year’s UK Webcomix Thing which takes place this weekend.

Today is the last day for submitting a Harvey Award nomination ballot.  The professionalism requirement is a bit squishy but given that the Harveys have selected PvP creator Scott Kurtz to host the awards presentation, this program is probably going to be even more friendly to indie and web comic creator participation than ever.

Over at Kung Fu Monkey, John Rogers applies the corporate-review technique known as a "360 Review" to developing characters.  Having had to go through a few of those full circle thingees, I can see how that might help in filling out a character.

Beaver & Steve creator James Turner has been involved with a kids-comics portal called The DFC.  It appears this month that The DFC is defunct but many (all?) of its creators have banded together to form a new site called Super Comics Adventures Squad.  Looks promising – there was good stuff going on so it’s nice to see it will continue.  (h/t Journalista!)


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