Ghastly’s Ghastly Comic Leaves Keenspot

Not wanting to be left behind by current trends Ghastly, the cranky yet often misunderstood creator of Ghastly’s Ghastly Comic announced today to the surprise of all gathered that he too will be leaving Keenspot effictive immediately.

When Chris Crosby pointed out to Ghastly that he can’t leave Keenspot because he’s not on Keenspot Ghastly replied with “You can’t tell me what to do, you’re not the boss of me!”.

Chris Crosby countered with “I am rubber you are glue” which only servered to further confuse the situation.

Meanwhile at another press conference Darren “Gav” Bleuel reassured concerned Spotters that there were currently no negotiations in progress to Spot Ghastly just so he could then leave Spot too. He however would neither confirm nor deny the rumours that Tatsuya Ishida and Michael Poe had been chained to a radiator just to keep them from leaving.




  1. Actually, I have a theory.

    Not too long ago (last week, in fact), it was announced that WebcomicsNation finally had most of the bugs shaken out and would soon be seeing actual use (beta testing, I presume).

    At the time I shrugged it off, because “soon” has been coming for a while now, and the announcement itself was written in a manner that recognized this fact.

    I will be very interested to see if the website goes live just a few days from now, and if a few of the folks splitting the Keenspot scene right now pop up there as the first “no-prior-Modern Tales-history” accounts.

    Just an unfounded suspicion.

    I would also like to say that I am in full support of Ghastly getting into Keenspot just so he can leave, if that is all it really takes to increase the traffic for any given webcomic. In fact, if Keenspot can churn through six titles every week, then at the end of a year there would be 312 top comics, at least two or three of which might actually bring in enough to financially support their creators. 😉

    “It’s just a business decision,” sixty-odd cartoonists mumble in fugue
    Keenspot FCBD books all spontaneously burst into flame
    Private IM from Crosby to Bleuel reads, “Phase Two has begun”

  3. Man, that’s funny – I coulda swore that the Comixpedia news section was for, you know, actual news.

    Or maybe I’m just cranky ’cause I only got four hours of sleep.

  4. I think they just wanted an excuse to use that bloody crosby head icon again…

  5. If I told you once I’ve told you a hundred times, an expensive rifle is no good if you go cheap on the scope.

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