The Gigcast interviews Monique MacNaughton

The Gigcast releases its 12th podcast featuring an interview with Monique MacNaughton, the artist behind GAAK and creator of U.N.A. Frontiers and Arrowflight.

Last week, The Gigcast interviewed Mike Dean, creator of Slither and Friends who won the NightGig‘s Halloween contest.

The Gigcast is a weekly podcast originally featuring webcomics news and artist interviews but has since expanded to include other artist endeavours. It now features filks and recently introduced a new segment called “A Minute in Chucks Brain.” Each podcast is released with its own shownotes which can be found at The Gigcast website.



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  1. IMHO Monique is one of the most underrated artists out there–Comic or webcomic. Hopefully this gigcast will help fix that.

    Dee – GAAK writer dude

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