Guest-Star in The PC Weenies!

Looking for eternal fame and fortune? Well, we can’t promise any fortune, but you can get a little fame by guest-starring in The PC Weenies webcomic. Read on to learn more…

Once again, I’m looking for willing and able bodied guest-stars to appear in a forth-coming PC Weenies toon. It’s something of a fund raiser I’ve set up for this week to help support the cost for maintaining the website. For only $10, YOU (yes, YOU) can star in a toon with Bob and company!

For $25, you get to keep the original pencilled artwork for the toon you appear in, signed and guaranteed to be one of a kind. As a bonus, folks that donate $25 also get a one year exclusive membership to Club PCW. You can see ALL the toons that are in the buffer as they’re created – hot and buttery fresh!

This is a limited time offering – good until next Wednesday.

If you don’t want to appear in a ‘toon, but want a commissioned piece of PC Weenies pencilled art, I’d be happy to oblige. Prices start at $20 for one character and $5 for each additional character.

Don’t let fame slip you by. Contact me for details at
info at pcweenies dot com.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Krishna Sadasivam