North Carolina Webcomic Coffee Clatch – November

This month’s North Carolina Webcomic Coffee Clatch will meet at Caffe Driade in Chapel Hill on Saturday, Nov. 12th at 4 pm.

Last Month’s Meeting. Join us this weekend?

We also have a forum on Talk About Comics.

So, if you have anything to do with webcomics and are in the Chapel Hill, NC area, please stop by.


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  1. Today’s NCWCCC went well. We had the usual crowd, Jamie of Clan of the Cats, the gang from The Dada Detective, Mike from CatGirl Island and myself and three newcomers, Paul of Onion Head Monster, Eric of Mickey Death and Eric of Retro Rocket.

    Am I too old to squee? I used to read Mickey Death and Onion Head Monster in college.

    We braved the bombardment of acorns on the back patio and discussed MirrorMask, merchandising, the similarities of webcomics and local music, wikipedia and the various webcomic collectives. After the meeting broke up, five of us reminisced about the really bad comic books of our childhoods.

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