The Gigcast! The Podcast for the Web Artist!

The Gigcast is the official podcast of, and amateur web artists everywhere. (There is an RSS feed too) Bringing reviews, interviews and commentary on Web Comics, Web Artists and Web musicians, each week! We all have our Night Gigs, Let yours be heard!

The Gigcast ( )is the official podcast of ( ), and amateur web artists everywhere. NightGig started three yeas ago as a group of web cartoonists looking to provide free hosting to other artists looking for a place on the web to display their “Night Gigs” (The stuff they do at night after the bills were paid and the kids were in bed. Not what they did to live, but what they live to do.) Also we wanted to provide a community where people help each other with all the different skills needed to both run a website and in the creative process involved in each art form. Three years later this small group has grown to 30 plus artists, writers, poets and painters.
With the advent of Podcasting, we decided to help promote our group, and all the other web comics and web artists out there, with a weekly show called The Gigcast, where we would interview artists, cartoonists and other notables just looking to spread the word of their Gig! The aim of The Gigcast is to entertain, provide information on what is happening in the world of web art, and to see if we could help artists grow their audiences and, who knows, maybe help turn a Night Gig into a Day Gig! Although the ‘cast is affiliated with, we in no way want to limit the show to just NightGig. The interweb is a big place and there are thousands of Night Gigs out there that we want to reach and help!
Currently the Gigcast is released via rss feed by Wednesday each week, and includes Web Art News, Interviews, Web comic and Fan film reviews, and even some Filk. All links mentioned in the shows are cataloged by show # on The Gigcast’s Page . We gladly accept news articles, requests for plugs and to be reviewed, pre recorded audio spots (in mp3 format), as well as requests to be a guest on the show. Just send what you have to, and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Thanks for your time and we hope you tune in!

Gig Out!

Tim (JT) Shea