Midnite Comics reaches “The Spires”

Midnite Comics (www.midnitecomics.com), the online multi-title comics studio, today announced the launch of “The Spires” – the story of an official government assassin, who finds herself the prime suspect in an “unofficial” and very high profile murder.

Set in a unique fantasy world created by David A J Berner, “The Spires” will follow the trail of official assassin, Jeste, and her companions as they try to prove her innocence, making their way through, over and under a city of towering buildings, the pinnacles of which pierce the clouds.

“The Spires” is written by David A J Berner, with artwork by new Midnite Comics team member, Italian artist Fabrizio Pacitti and letters by Oscar Cavazos.

Co-Founders Oscar Cavazos and Jud Cooper said: “The Spires is an exciting concept for us. Over the course of the mini-series, readers will encounter a whole range of fantasy races and creatures in an environment unlike any they’ve ever seen.”

The opening pages of “The Spires” are available to read now at www.midnitecomics.com and updates will be added every Friday.

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