Googlism: Get the Google on Your Favorite Webtoonist!

Find out what Google thinks about your favorite webtoonist. A few examples:

BoxJam is:

boxjam is free of such restraints
boxjam is married to mrs
boxjam is drawing his own life
boxjam is the most cameo’d character in webcomics
boxjam is kind of like that guy in the painting “the scream
boxjam is taking over the world
boxjam is the fruit of my loins

James Kochalka is:

james kochalka is one of the most prolific and distinctive artists in the comics scene today
james kochalka is a jungle
james kochalka is a subscription
james kochalka is the master of cute comics
james kochalka is a superstar
james kochalka is a cartoonist’s cartoonist
james kochalka is like six years old

KeenSpot is:

keenspot is good people
keenspot is your friend
keenspot is really wigging out
keenspot is an awesome host for awesome webcomics
keenspot is blindly relying on the return of the old banner ad economy
keenspot is a professional comic hosting site
keenspot is on a separate server from keenspace
keenspot is doing something right
keenspot is not the elitist group the angry tend to call it
keenspot is running a lot better now


Xaviar Xerexes

Wandering webcomic ronin. Created Comixpedia (2002-2005) and ComixTalk (2006-2012; 2016-?). Made a lot of unfinished comics and novels.


  1. Googlism for: scott kurtz

    scott kurtz is the director of finance and administration
    scott kurtz is one of the best cartoonists drawing cartoons on the web right now
    scott kurtz is well known for player versus player or pvp
    scott kurtz is creating a brand new comic for gamespy
    scott kurtz is the creator of the wildly successful on
    scott kurtz is the creator of the popular gaming
    scott kurtz is wonderfully insane and paranoid
    scott kurtz is for the strip that appeared on october 1
    scott kurtz is a rare individual who has the talent
    scott kurtz is right when he says that a shake out is coming
    scott kurtz is an online comic strip animator with a loyal following for his creation
    scott kurtz is going to be in minnesota at the source
    scott kurtz is the best web
    scott kurtz is a cartoonist who actually cares about the art form
    scott kurtz is a great cartoonist and puts out some very high
    scott kurtz is a great artist and he does have a good knack for telling good
    scott kurtz is the man who finally inspired me to get my comic off the ground and up and running
    scott kurtz is probably the grand daddy of the gaming webcomic
    scott kurtz is doing a great job with player vs
    scott kurtz is a great web
    scott kurtz is the cartoonist who creates pvp
    scott kurtz is theoretically a gamer comic
    scott kurtz is cool
    scott kurtz is insane
    scott kurtz is getting guest artists in to draw his infamous webcomic
    scott kurtz is about the staff of an online gaming magazine
    scott kurtz is
    scott kurtz is now taking character sketch requests
    scott kurtz is gonna be there
    scott kurtz is going to the depths of roleplaying this week
    scott kurtz is announcing that modern
    scott kurtz is set in a video game company but has little to do with games as such
    scott kurtz is right in a sense
    scott kurtz is the coolest man alive” take a look at today’s
    scott kurtz is the
    scott kurtz is a total chach
    scott kurtz is pretty low

  2. Googlism for: chris crosby

    chris crosby is a very gifted artist
    chris crosby is bob’s son
    chris crosby is battling tonsillitis and has been quarantined from the rest
    chris crosby is also making his presence known on the three
    chris crosby is guardedly optimistic
    chris crosby is the cartoonist who creates superosity
    chris crosby is going places
    chris crosby is one of the funniest guys alive
    chris crosby is swindling you? del
    chris crosby is in the business of making web comics profitable
    chris crosby is the writer/artist of the comic book sloth park and it’s sequel
    chris crosby is still calling me a dyke from the 5th grade
    chris crosby is developing into a totally dependable 15 point per game scorer

  3. Googlism for: xerexes

    xerexes is ordered to eliminate zerg resources by taking control of “the valley of shadows”

  4. Googlism for: bobby crosby

    bobby crosby is the first in a line of keenspot mini
    bobby crosby is another name to watch
    bobby crosby is fourth with 21
    bobby crosby is hitting
    bobby crosby is batting

  5. Googlism for: r stevens

    r stevens is a senior partner of coudert brothers
    r stevens is taking two weeks off
    r stevens is the minister of the northeast church of christ in denver
    r stevens is the original creator of this website

  6. Googlism for: maritza campos

    maritza campos is awfully cute
    maritza campos is an evolving storyline tracking a group of college students through their trials and tribulations

  7. Googlism for: lee adam herold

    lee adam herold is the twisted
    lee adam herold is a very good

  8. Just thought I’d hit one of My all-time fav spots here…

    Supermegatopia is:

    supermegatopia is copyright the brothers grinn
    supermegatopia is his enemy
    supermegatopia is well known for its large superhero population
    supermegatopia is probably best known for its large superhero/villain population
    supermegatopia is detailed in the book
    supermegatopia is a superhero spoof set in a furry world
    supermegatopia is on the island of kwijibo
    supermegatopia is technically a democratic republic
    supermegatopia is the place for you
    supermegatopia is best known for its large superhero/villain population
    supermegatopia is owned by drake feniwck
    supermegatopia is the brother’s grinn
    supermegatopia is drawn by the brothers grinn
    supermegatopia is evil
    supermegatopia is available in this wild and crazy role
    supermegatopia is being shared with everyone in this wild and crazy roleplaying game of superheroes
    supermegatopia is an odd one
    supermegatopia is a online comic as well as the jump off page for a whole slew of online comics

    Hmm… Looks like it’s an interesting string of bits.

  9. It obviously censored:

    supermegatopia is really freaky huge furry hooters

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