Jon Arbuckle and female lead (Liz?) cast for live-action GARFIELD film

This is probably of much interest to the many webcartoonists (including yours truly) obsessed with GARFIELD as kids. I’m glad the fat orange tabby cat’s finally getting a movie, but the casting makes me feel strange.


Meyer, Hewitt top cats in ‘Garfield’
Feb. 28, 2003

Jon Arbuckle, the perpetually single owner of Garfield the cat in the long-running comic strip, is about to get a live-action face in Breckin Meyer. The actor is in negotiations to star as Arbuckle in 20th Century Fox’s big-screen live-action/CGI adaptation of “Garfield,” with Jennifer Love Hewitt finalizing a deal to play his love interest. Peter Hewitt is directing the project, which John Davis is producing through his Davis Entertainment. A March start date is being planned. The comic strip centers on a rotund orange- and black-striped cat named Garfield, his dull-witted canine cohort Odie and owner Arbuckle. The 27-pound feline, first published in 1978, is known for his laziness, wry remarks and love of lasagna. The script, written by “Toy Story” scribes Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow, focuses on the rivalry between Garfield and Odie. The feature is live-action, with a computer-generated Garfield. Meyer, repped by the Gersh Agency, Brillstein-Grey Entertainment and attorney David Webber, has numerous film and television credits to his name, including the features “Kate & Leopold,” “Rat Race,” “Road Trip” and “Go.” Jennifer Love Hewitt, repped by CAA, recently wrapped shooting Intermedia Films’ “If Only.” (Zorianna Kit)

Chris Crosby

Chris Crosby created and published his first professional comic book, SNAP THE PUNK TURTLE, at the age of 16 in 1993. In 1996, he co-created/co-wrote the best-selling independent superheroine comic series SCORN, and co-founded the parody label Blatant Comics. In January 1998, commissioned his first regularly-published online comic, the weekly SNAP THE PUNK TURTLE, and in March 1999, he launched his first daily webcomic, SUPEROSITY. In early 2000, Chris created and co-founded the online comic network Keenspot. In March 2004 he launched SORE THUMBS with artistic collaborator Owen Gieni, and later went on to produce WICKEDPOWERED, LAST BLOOD, and CROW SCARE with Gieni.


  1. Um, do the words “Live Action Scooby Doo Movie” bring back any horribly memories for anyone else?

  2. I kinda liked the live-action SCOOBY-DOO.

    I feel like such an outcast.

  3. I personally think that the original creative team of the ‘Doo travelled forward through time to base their Shaggy character on Matthew Lillard…

    And Casey Kasem was the imitator, not the other way around.

    The Scooby Doo movie ROCKED.

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