GRAPHIC SMASH Twists Back Oct. 29th

Love THE TWISTING, but a bit cheap? That means you may have missed an episode! Or, wanna see what kind of comics this Graphic Smash thing has to offer, but don’t like just one installment free? Then, folks, have we got a deal for you.

Starting next week (Oct 29th), GraphicSmash will TWIST BACK and rerun THE TWISTING in its ENTIRETY. Starting with week 1 this coming Wednesday and another episodes to follow each day for one week. Each day for a week, 7 days, a classic episode of the Twisting for free for 24 hours! All of this ends up at A BRAND NEW COMIC which in and of its self is a major plot point in the story and a GREAT JUMPING ON POINT.

New readers have a chance to see what all the fuss is about for free! Old readers get to read the series again for the first time! Cheap asses can hop on the bandwagon! It’s all good.




  1. Not necessarily. Plenty of great comics are not being read right now because their creators put no effort whatsoever into self-marketing. I don’t endorse the belief that “if you build it, they will come.” That works with phantom baseball players, not webcomics readers.

    Why be coy? Because I’m not sure the editor of that site would thank me for the announcement. I’d rather not celebrate our success by announcing whose heads we’ve stepped on. 400 subscribers in less than a month is a more positive achievement.

    Finally… dude, the only place I read that the Graphic Smash comics in general are terrible is in anonymous postings on Comixpedia, and it really looks like all of those come from the same person. Perhaps I’m naive, but I tend to feel that if we were doing THAT badly, people would let us know in greater numbers and sign their names. What I read instead is “keep up the good work,” “don’t dare stop,” and “THE LICENSE is my favorite.” It’s a good feeling, reading that.

    Of course I want to guide our comics to become even better, but most of that has to come from our creators’ desire to be better. You sign talented cartoonists with smart-sounding basic plans, and then you just have to have faith in them. Meantime, if I can do anything to help their careers, it’s my duty and my pleasure.

  2. And so it begins. What does a webcomic site like Graphic Smash do when no one is reading their worthless comics? They start with the gimmicks. If they offered BETTER COMICS maybe someone would read them without the need for cheap marketing ploys.

  3. A marketing tactic is hardly proof that a website is floundering. GS’s subscriber count and casual readership are both well ahead of our expectations. The subscriber count is also ahead of at least one subscription site that’s been around a lot longer.

    Plenty of people are reading, but of course we want even more. Who doesn’t?

  4. Better comics would bring in more readers MUCH faster than “a free medium sized coke with every Graphic Smash subscription”, don’t you think?

    Why be coy? Which webcomic site is Graphic Smash ahead of, just so we’ll all know?

  5. I don’t follow your logic. You say you believe in self marketing, you go so far as to mention that your doing better than at least one subscriber site, but then you wimp out on saying who because you don’t want to hurt their feelings?

    If you won’t name the site, how do we know if the statement is true or not? How do we know that there is ACTUALLY a site or not? How can someone check the numbers or the facts of whether or not Graphic Smash is actually doing better business than this MYSTERY site? Without a name for this mystery site, the mention of it could just be more “self marketing”. Something you just said you believe in strongly.

    When Graphic Smash debuted you were talking about “what a huge success” it is. Well, I’m just waiting to see the proof. What are the numbers? What’s the name of this mystery site that Graphic Smash is doing better business than to compare those numbers to? You talk a good game, T, but talk is cheap.

  6. Oh, and just to mention it? I talk about Graphic Smash here because to date Graphic Smash hasn’t been mentioned even in passing at any of the other sites or boards I go to. NOT EVER! And when nobody is talking about how great you are but you it says alot.

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