Great New Exhibit on Webcomics in Seattle

Once again I am on the wrong coast for what looks like a really cool event.  Sarra Scherb is the curator of "Morning Serial: Webcomics Come to the Table," a webcomics exhibition that launched this month and will run through June 2012.  The exhibit is at the Henry Art Gallery, a contemporary art museum in Seattle with additional work online at Morning Serial Dot Org.  

I haven't met Sarra but she's clear got great taste.  The exhibit features work from Evan Dahm, Aaron Diaz, Erika Moen, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, Emily Ivie, Dylan Meconis, Sutu, and Spike Trotman  Her'es her description of the exhibit:

Webcomics are a new step in the evolution of independent comics art. Experimenting with digital tools and innovating new narrative structures, webcomics artists create and distribute comics freed from the printed page.  Webcomics are a continuation of the anti-establishment comix of the 1960s and 1990s ‘zine culture. As their own editors and publishers, these artists contribute to a diversification of genres, while closing the artist/reader gap. Spike Trotman’s multi-layered city of Templar, AZ, Aaron Diaz’s Dresden Codak, and Dylan Meconis’ sumptuous Family Man carve out genre niches, build complex worlds and push artistic boundaries. Works incorporating sound, animation and interactivity—such as Nawlzby Sutu—prompt us to reconsider our definition of a comic.

And on March 29th — the night before Emerald City Comic Con — the exhibition will host a panel of six webcomics artists: Dylan Meconis, Erika Moen, Spike Trotman, Aaron Diaz, Evan Dahm and Emily Ivie, so if you're attending that convention this year you might want to get there early to check out the panel and the exhibit.


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