Leapin’ Lizards It’s March Already?

WEBSITE SIGHTING: Scott Kurtz changed up his PvP website design — now the comic is not on the landing page.  For me I never really like that — I put up with it for Penny Arcade but only because Jerry writes magic on a regular basis.  Or was it he plays magic? Whatever… Also rumor has it that Gabe and Tycho are commandeering Scott's script next week.  Yeah rumor has it, wooooah!

NEW STUFF LAUNCHING: Fucking Bleeding Cool has an interview with Simon Spurrier who is launching March 14th a new webcomic Wish You Were Here as part of the Crossed universe.  I have no idea what the "Crossed" universe is (MINUS A ZILLION NERD CREDS) but Spurrier name checks Warren Ellis and his FreakAngels series as a template and the art looks good so I will check it out. Maybe you should too.

NOT WEBCOMIC?: Not technically a comic? but I really thought Caldwell Tanner's Office Odyssey Choose Your Own Adventure was funny and well done.

CAUSE HE'S THE SAXMAN, OH YEAH: Gary provoked a discussion on taxes and Kickstarter drives and well, if you are taking any money from folks it's likely going to have tax liability associated with it.  Always better to plan ahead of time then to potentially have to come up with a lot of cash later on.

MAILBAGGINS: Jazyl writes that he is the creator of the webcomic The Beast Legion which is fantasy adventure series about young prince Xeus' journey to save his homeland from the clutches of the Shadow Nexus by mastering his Beast form. Jazyl recently won the Best Webcomic Series at the Comic Con India Awards. First off I had no idea there was a Comic Con India but that's great. Maybe we can make it one of Ryan Estrada's next missions to attend it next year (who by the way has posted online what I think is the graphic novel version of his all ages webcomic Aki Alliance).


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