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What the Hell?! Con

What-the-Hell?! - a free convention/event!

WHERE: Guilford College, Greensboro, NC
WHEN: February 9AM-11AM
WHAT: Panels, Gaming, Anime, Geek Auction, Iron Chef, Fire Dancing, and more
WHO: Jennie Breeden (The Devil's Panties); Greg Carter (Abandon); Larry "mcckenzee" Holderfield (Sinister Bedfellows); and Christopher B. Wright (Ubersoft).

Tuesday Mid-Morning NewsBlast (UPDATED)


  • First off thanks to our current sponsor, the webcomic Zortic by Mark Mekkes. There are three (slightly cheaper) ad spots below that are still available.
  • Don't forget! This Friday is the last day to post your questions for our upcoming community interview with the creators of the Blank Label Comics collective. Post your questions in comments to this thread.






Interviews, Manga and the Monday Morning News (UPDATED)

Frank "Damonk" Cormier and Meaghan QuinnDig that new cover from Frank "Damonk" Cormier and Meaghan Quinn! Our February issue is focused on webcomic collectives and we've got a lot of great articles on tap for it. This morning I've posted the first two articles for this month's issue:

An interview with Mark Mekkes in his role as chairman of the WCCAs, now in its seventh year. There were a lot of changes leading into this year's program and hopefully, this interview helps to shed some light on things.

The first installment of a new column on web manga by Brigid Alverson. Brigid already blogs about manga at her own site MangaBlog and our good friends at Digital Strips. At Comixpedia, she'll be rounding up the good stuff -- and telling you what to avoid as well.




...YAFGC is alive in ways that other strips aren’t; that’s partially because it’s drawn in pencil and has the raw energy of a sketch, but also because Rich Morris has the talent of a classic Disney animator; he manages, with a few quick strokes of his pencil, to bring people to life so that the way they stand, hips cocked, tells you more about them than the dialogue ever would.

Jim ZubkavichDEAD TREES

  • 2007 is going well for Jim Zubkavich, the creator the 2002 webcomic Makeshift Miracle which debuted in print last year (after substantial rework on portions of it) and is now starting to appear in book store chains.




Biggie Panda: Old Skool Webcomics

One way to think of the history of webcomics is as the big bang of comics. At the beginning there were far fewer webcomic creators and they were (virtually) clustered together much more tightly (hence all the wistful talk of "webcomic community") and then, if the inflationary webcomicology theory is correct, those early webcomic exploded into the universe of comics online we have today.

WCCA Nominations Out

The full list of nominations for the upcoming WCCAs is out - get the list here or click read more (the WCCA site is slow today so I copied it into this post here).


Free Comic Book Day '07 is nigh!

Every year, ComicGenesis in association with Keenspot assembles some of its best comic creators from around the web and gathers them together under a common banner: the Free Comic Book Day book, or FCBD book.

Collection of SEBO Comics Now Available in Print

SEBO, a spin-off comic strip from Clan of the Cats is now available in print from This first addition includes the first year of the comic’s run. Here is the URL for the book at

A small book of art from COTC is also in the works, as well as a graphic novel of the Dracula story which will be published through Keenspot.

Girly Book 2 and the Cutewendy reprint, coming soon from Studio Zoe

Possibly against better judgement, Josh Lesnick has decided to publish the next Girly volume, as well as the Cutewendy reprint, through his own company Studio Zoe.

Rolling After Christmas News Post (UPDATED)

Wow - I'm exhausted. Grey skies and a little rain for the day after Christmas. Hope you all have had a happy winter solstice season so far.


  • On the heels of comes which is another digg-clone for comics. There's nothing wrong with comics-focused versions of more popular social networking tools, in fact it's great that this stuff is emerging. But the trick to success with these comic clones is whether or not they garner a critical mass of users (which is the same key to success for the original versions of any social networking site). came pre-sold to CBR's significant audience, ComicSpace came pre-populated with OnlineComics large directory of webcomics. I'll wait and see with as it doesn't seem to have any similar affiliations to jumpstart it.
  • Joey Manley has been using Alexa to show trends of various webcomics hosting services (here and more recently here). It's a bit tangential to interest in tracking individual webcomics' audience numbers but nevertheless interesting to see how other hosting services match up to the somewhat entrenched coke and pepsi of the market.
  • Writer Caleb Monroe has set up a page intended to be a guide for beginning comic creators.






  • Art Room is an online drawing tool and gallery from the Saatchi Gallery. Holy high-low culture collision Batman!

500th Terebinth Page (Plus Daily Grind Update)

I've never utilized my space here, but since yesterday marked the 500th page of Terebinth, the comic I update five times a fortnight that isn't my entry in the Daily Grind Competition, I thought I'd make mention of it.

XEREXES: Let me use Michael Payne's blog post as an excuse to do a year-end update on the Daily Grind contest.