Keenspot’s First Premium Comic Concludes

Keenspot’s first Premium Comic, Melepomene: The Chaos Orb concluded this weekend. A spin-off to Clan of the Cats, Mel tells the story of a supernatural assassin on a mission to save her sister. Written by COTC creator Jamie Robertson and illustrated by the talent behind The Wandering Ones, Clint Hollingsworth, Melpomene was the first comic story offered on Keenspot’s Premium subscription service.

Wizards, werewolves, and werecats populate this tale of magic and treachery in an action-oriented story line where the full force of the Chattan curse comes to fruition. A powerful wizard kidnaps Chelsea Chattan, the star of COTC, and only her sister, Melpomene, can save her.

“I want to thank Clint for his talent, loyalty, and sacrifice in bringing this character to life. He took a character I designed and made it his own. For such a gift, I cannot thank him enough,” said COTC creator Jamie Robertson.


Jamie Robertson

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  1. Unfortunately, as with the entire series, being behind a subscription wall almost guaranteed that few people would see Melpomene. I not surprised that no one has commented on it’s ending.

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