Guest Bloggers Week 2

Our esteemed guest bloggers this week are none other than  Brian MooreAlexander Danner, and Max Vaehling.

Brian Moore is an illustrator and cartoonist based in Massachusetts. His artwork has been published in Boston Globe Magazine, the Boston Phoenix, the Lowell Sun, the Middlesex Beat arts magazine,eWEEK magazine, and on various news and arts-focused websites.  He has received two Massachusetts LCC Grants for his animation work, including the animated adventure serial Teddy & Anna. He was the primary artist on the webcomic Smithson from 2005-2008. His portfolio site is at

Alexander Danner has written many short comics, including Web Cartoonist’s Choice Award winners “The Discovery of Spoons” and “Five Ways to Love a Cockroach.” His most recent project, the novella “Gingerbread Houses,” is illustrated by Edward J. Grug III and published at His comics and other writings can be found via his website.  Alexander is also co-author with Steven Withrow of the textbook Character Design for Graphic Novels, and has written numerous articles about comics for the online magazines Comixtalk and The Webcomics Examiner, among others. He teaches Writing the Graphic Novel at Emerson College, in addition to providing guest lectures on comics and graphic novels to various schools and libraries.

Max Vaehling, aka Jaehling, is a German comics creator and self-publisher. His most notable webcomic is Conny Van Ehlsing, Monster Hunter.  In 2000, Vaehling developed his first web site at His first regular webcomic was terrain vague (2001-2002), an urban fantasy strip based on then-popular myths about street crime and video surveillance.  In 2004, Vaehling developed a new title based on one of Reception Man's supporting characters, Conny Van Ehlsing. The German series Monsterjägerin Conny Van Ehlsing has been online at German web zineLOA since January, 2005. The English translation, Conny Van Ehlsing, Monster Hunter, was first published in early 2007.

Scheduled for the rest of the month are:

August 23rd: Steve Troop, and Sam Costello

August 30th: Brandon Carr, and Scott Story


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