Continued Introductions

My turn! Hello there, guest blog readers! I’m Max Vähling, one of your guest hosts this week, and I’m guest posting this to introduce myself and get aqquainted with the Comixtalk tech. The last time I posted here, it all looked quite different, that’s how long ago that was. Also, I didn’t post to the front page.

I can make it short – Xaviar and Alexander already covered the basics. (Thanks, guys!) You can find my webcomics at Webcomics Nation, more information at my blog, and if you think that blog doesn’t update nearly enough – well, I guess I can’t argue with that, but there’s always Twitter, isn’t there? If you want to dig deeper than this, you’ll find all the links you need at those sites – including links to my German activities, in case you’re interested. Or German, or both. (I’m not including those links here because I assume that most of you won’t be able to read that stuff anyway, and to avoid confusing you.)

That should be enough about me. If anything’s missing, just guess.

I’ve got a couple of topics lined up for this week, though not as systematically as Alexander. (Looking forward to those, btw.) Mostly, I’ll take a look at the webcomics world and current developments from my perspective (not only as a German, which is a fringe experience in itself, as webcomics go, but also as a writer/artist/self-publisher, which may or may not be an interesting angle, depending on the topics).

Hmm, I wonder, was that last sentence vague enough? Maybe I should stop now and start writing my first real post. It should be up later today or early tomorrow. See you then!


Max Vaehling