Even More Continued Introductions

Hello ComixTalk readers—Brian Moore here. Thanks for the invitation to guest blog, Xaviar (and thanks for the kind words re Smithson, Alexander.)  Let me add one link to the bio info posted earlier: my sketchblog, which is the site I most frequently update these days.

I see that my fellow guest bloggers Alexander and Max have some great articles lined up. I'm eager to read Alexander's take on the new Family Man book, and hear Max's viewpoint on the current webcomics scene. The posts I'm working on might be more on the rambly side, so limber up your scrollwheels. Coming up is an appreciation of Ben Katchor, some thoughts on drawing, and a look at drawing and coloring techniques used by Trondheim, Sfar and Blain. In keeping with the way my art has been going lately, I may end up improvising on these base topics and rambling off in some new direction. We'll all find out shortly!