Otakon 2010 Part 1

One of my favorite things about Otakon is that, as the largest anime convention on the east coast, it attracts a lot of webcomic creators. I always love seeing familiar faces and meeting new attendees. This part will focus on some of the webcomic creators who were at Otakon, many of whom are also members of the Create a Comic Project.

But wait there's more! This post also has one of the best costume team-ups ever photographed!

This year, I roomed with Erin Ptah and Kuroitenshi. I had a chance to meet some people whose comics I'd read but whom I'd never met in person, several of them first timers, such as Jamie Haram and Dina Situ.

Erin Ptah

Here's Erin of And Shine Heaven Now. She's cosplaying as Rimmer complete with a Mr. Flibbles.

Gina Biggs

Here's Gina Biggs of Red String getting her alley table setup.

Del Borovic

Del Borovic posing with her table setup.


Kittyhawk of Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki!


Kuroitenshi with her array of merchandise.

Jessi Bavolack & Jen Brazas

Jessica Bavolack and Jen Brazas hanging out.


Mookie poses with his new book.

Samantha McDaniel

Samantha McDaniel, a friend of Jamie's, cosplaying as Crimson Viper.

Brion Foulke with his books on display.

And now presenting the greatest costume team-up ever: Axe Cop and Dr. McNinja!

They are on a team

"They are on a team."

Let's go!

"LET'S GO!" (This picture begs to have a giant explosion photoshopped into the background.)