A Webcomic Presentation for SXSW

South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive is one of the major conventions for innovative techniques in pop culture. For 2011, I've submitted a proposal of my own related to the Create a Comic Project: "Interactive Comics: Techniques to Enhance Math Education." This year, from what I can tell, it's the only submission dealing with webcomics and one of the few touching on comics in general.

In order to be selected, proposals have to earn a positive response from the public in addition to the judges. I'm hoping you'll take the time to register with SXSW's Panel Picker and vote for it so webcomics can be represented alongside of SXSW's other major technological innovations.

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Otakon 2010 Part 3

In this, the final part of my review of Otakon 2010's webcomic events, I'll look at the two sponsored by the Create a Comic Project: the "Make a Manga Tournament" and "Manga, Literacy, and Children." The tournament is based on similar events I've done at the New Haven Public Library since 2007 and has also been held at Tekkoshocon. I like having fellow webcomic creators serve as judges. This year had Erin Ptah (And Shine Heaven Now), Kittyhawk (SGVY), and Kuroitenshi (King of the Web) return from 2009, joined by Samantha McDaniel (Kibou) and Jamie Haram (Picatrix). There's an open invitation for all webcomic people to join in, so if you're interested in being a judge in 2011, let me know. A benefit: Otakon pays for your badge if I let them know in advance who's helping.

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Otakon 2010 Part 2

In addition to having a lot of webcomic creators in the artist alley, Otakon 2010 had a number of webcomic-related events. While Otakon doesn't formally invite webcomic people as guests, it does let us be panelists and workshop leaders and large group of attendees (almost 30,000 this year!) makes it a great place. This part covers two of the webcomic events held that weekend: Iron Artist by Jessi Bavolack and Happy Hyper Hentai Drawing Party by some of the girls from FilthyFigments.com.

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Otakon 2010 Part 1

One of my favorite things about Otakon is that, as the largest anime convention on the east coast, it attracts a lot of webcomic creators. I always love seeing familiar faces and meeting new attendees. This part will focus on some of the webcomic creators who were at Otakon, many of whom are also members of the Create a Comic Project.

But wait there's more! This post also has one of the best costume team-ups ever photographed!

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Guest Blogger Introduction

Hello to all ComixTalk regulars. I’ve been invited to be another guest blogger this week to regale you with tales of the comic world. My name is John Baird and I’m the founder of the Create a Comic Project, which uses webcomics in education. For an idea of the kind of work I do, you can see my panel proposal for SXSW Interactive 2011 (shameless plug: please vote for it if you’re so inclined).

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