Otakon 2010 Part 2

In addition to having a lot of webcomic creators in the artist alley, Otakon 2010 had a number of webcomic-related events. While Otakon doesn't formally invite webcomic people as guests, it does let us be panelists and workshop leaders and large group of attendees (almost 30,000 this year!) makes it a great place. This part covers two of the webcomic events held that weekend: Iron Artist by Jessi Bavolack and Happy Hyper Hentai Drawing Party by some of the girls from FilthyFigments.com.

Iron Artist was designed as a panel rather than a workshop. Artists sign up in advance and then come to a table in front of the audience to create art based on themes.

Iron Artist 1

The themes are taken from the audience and the artists get a time limit to complete their work.

Iron Artist 2

The audience then picks the winner through applause.

Iron Artist 3

As the artists work, Jessi works the crowd and gives status updates on what the artists are doing.

Iron Artist 4

In one of the rounds – with a theme of "The Soft Side of Zombies" – Del Borovic was one of the contestants.Iron Artist 5

The guy at the end standing up used two sheets of paper for his drawing, which was zombie softserve ice cream.

Another webcomic event from the same evening was the Happy Hyper Hentai Drawing Party (or H3 for short). I served as MC of the event, which was an 18+ workshop as the name suggests.

H3 1

The judges were (left to right) Erin Ptah, Gina Biggs, Kittyhawk, Kuroitenshi, and Jennie Breeden (not pictured). Gina, Kittyhawk, and Jennie are part of FilthyFigments.com, a relatively new all-female adult art/comic pay site, which was the official sponsor of the event.

H3 2

Judging the event took its toll on them.

H3 3

Even though the workshop was held late at night, it attracted a full house.

H3 4

The material the participants made tended to be very amusing, giving the judges quite a few laughs as they read them.

H3 5

There were also some events that weren't judged, giving them time to relax and talk about the long day or new ideas.

H3 6

This was one of the Otakon gofers who helped out with the workshop. He's also a fan of the webcomic Okashina Okashi. The easel and pad in the background were used for a group drawing event at the end where the audience competed to get judges to draw requests for them.

H3 was successful enough that it's been invited back for 2011. Hopefully more of the Filthy Figments girls will be able to attend!