Guest Week Protocols

So, here’s something I don’t know, and maybe other Comickers could fill me in on the etiquette.

I see various comics do “guest weeks” from time to time. Often the guest week is a fun look at the way another artist would treat the same subject matter or its a fun send-up of the style of the comic.

Here’s what I don’t know. How do guest weeks happen? Do other artists approach you and ask if they can do a guest strip? Do you ask them? I imagine people who are in collectives have an easier time of this.

Not knowing how this works makes me feel like I’m back in junior high school wondering how to ask a girl out. I’m not super eager to do a guest week on my strip, I just don’t like not knowing how to go about it. Maybe I’ll make up a stock of notecards that say, “Do you want to do a guest strip for me? YES NO MAYBE (circle one)” and pass them to people in the cafeteria during lunch.

So, please share your info in the comments.

Bonus, if you have fun or entertaining stories about guest weeks, or particular guest strips you think are just spectacular, link them in the comments.



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