Que Es Mas Macho? Malki! O Comic-Con?



David Malki! has a new short video out asking one simple question: Me Vs. Comic-Con, who’s better? It’s funny stuff and you’ll recognize just about every person who plays along with Malki in the video. For future videomakers looking to cast webcomic creators I make the following suggestions:

  • Tycho? Nerd God. With his calm attitude and shiny temple Jerry Holkins could do this role at least as well as Alanis Morissette.
  • Gary Tyrrell of FLEEN. Boogie Nights II. (I nominate Gary for Most Awesome Webcomic blogger Mustache for next year’s WCCAs)
  • I know Brad Guigar. I have never seen Brad not talk for as long as I saw him stand mutely next to Dave Kellett in this video. The force is strong in Kellett…
  • Kris Straub is no scientist!!

(P.S. if you missed Malki! pretending to be Borat back when that movie was out – that’s also pretty damn funny…)


Xaviar Xerexes

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