Happy Hallmark Holiday!

Happy Valentines Day from BloggerDad.com

Happy One-of-Several-Hallmark Holidays or maybe we could call it Sgt Pepper's Day?  I saw some funny V-Day cards you might enjoy — add other good stuff in comments, please?  BloggerDad has a couple of batch (2010, 2009) worth checking out.  Awkward Valentines is totally hilarious.  (psst, did you remember to send Diesel Sweeties cards this year?)  Gamer comic 2PStart covers that genre in cards.

MILESTONES: Medium Large hits 1000 strips!  Congrats to Francesco Marciuliano, who  also writes Sally ForthMedium Large should be on your reading list.  File under "consistently really damn funny".

Code: A beta of the latest version of the WordPress webcomic tool, stripShow, is out.  A true beta so don't use on a live site yet but I bet Brad would love as much feedback and bug reports as possible.

Review: Robin Gibson reviews the revived Commander Kitty.

AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 BLOGS: The latest issue of the International Journal of Comic Art is out.

JUSTIFY MY HYPE: The Monsters In Real Places blog is a great art meme concept.  Take a real picture, draw in a monster, send it to this blog.


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