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I assume you're all reading up on, and Journalista!?  Good.  I'm happy to front page other efforts to link roll up ALL of the interesting FUTURE OF COMICS IS NOW type stories and then some (hint hint) but I won't be doing nearly as much of that kind of blogging myself this year.  

Webcomics Booyah!

Tim Broderick responds to an email from a COMIC BOOK executive posted at Tom Spurgeon's COMICS REPORTER site.  You know where my bias are, but by the end of 2009 "comics" as a business is going to be so deep into the throes of change… well really deep I guess.  No new demographic is going to replace the aging males buying the soft comic "book" monthly thing and even a lot of those this year are going to have to cut back in order to, you know, eat.


What's this — another missive from Tim Broderick this morning 🙂  Yep, Tim has a short piece on strategy for the long-form webcomic over at


Joey Manley posted an update on Comicspace initiatives.  It doesn't sound like there's a firm date anymore for the launch of the "new" site for creators.  They are also having an open house February 5 and 6 nearby the New York Comic Convention this weekend.  I have been using their new advertising network Webcomics World for a few months now — too early for me to have any opinion on it though.


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