Tom Tommorrow’s Eulogy For the Alt Weekly Comic

It’s an interesting post from the creator of This Modern World covering the history of comics in those weekly alternative newspapers.  It’s in the context of those papers killing off cartoons left and right and the creators, like Tom Tomorrow, who made their living from that particular business model lamenting the loss.

It’s a good read — on one level simply a fond and emotional tribute to some great cartoonists but on another level it really highlights how hard it is too shift gears in mid-life and after figuring out "success" in one particular way.  Could Tom Tomorrow make a go of it with This Modern World on the Internet and probably with books and other swag?  With Rick Marshall-like link-fu getting his comics embedded in every opinion and comic site on the Internet?  You know – probably. But not necessarily in a day and possibly not to the same level of success as today (really – who knows ahead of time?).



Xaviar Xerexes

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