Historical Romance Comic Crossover Pictures!

The Historical Romance Comic Crossover (organized by Gloria Manderfield of Night and Day) paired up webcomic artists to create a crossover picture of their characters posing as historical couples. The submisssions are in and you can view the crossover webcomics at the official website.

Read on for the list of paired-up participants.

Scix Maddix – http://pdi-comic.com
Jonathan Bearup – http://blahsville.keenspace.com

josh l. – http://go-girly.com/
Matt Milby – http://www.ginandthedevil.com

xmung – http://loxieandzoot.keenspace.com/
Troy Smith – http://scandalsheet.keenspace.com

Gloria H. Manderfeld – http://isahn.keenspace.com/
Sopheia – http://alurwyn.keenspace.com/

Mr Ekshin – http://nsnorman.keenspace.com/
Kris X – http://krisx.keenspace.com/

Josh Sortelli – http://elfonlyinn.keenspace.com/
Gloria H. Manderfeld – http://isahn.keenspace.com/

Meredith Gran – http://www.skirtingdanger.com
Mr. Bob – http://oosterwijk.keenspace.com

Aeire – http://www.queenofwands.net
Phalanx – http://thejaded.keenspace.com

Jay Epps – http://cult.keenspace.com
Chris Battey – http://www.scatterplot.net

Alaina – http://thegorge.keenspace.com/
Monika Argenio – http://experimentsincollegeruled.keenspace.com

Tim – http://altdelusions.keenspace.com/
phactorri – http://decypher.keenspace.com/

T. Campbell – http://www.graphicsmash.com/series.php?name=rip&view=
John Fortman – http://faub.keenspace.com/

Emily Schooley – http://toastbitch.keenspace.com
Mary Mevis – http://www.freakquencyltd.com/youwish.shtml

E. Adam Thomas – http://www.boritom.com/
Teague Tysseling – http://cmooki.keenspace.com

Joe Nadeau – http://jwalkin.keenspace.com
J. Grant – http://www.flemcomics.com

More crossover pictures are still to come.