Infuze Magazine Launches Online Comics Program

Infuze Magazine, an online publication covering arts and entertainment has launched a webcomics effort. Their first effort is a preview of a new title from Chuck Dixon. The full press release is after the break.

(High Point, NC) March 11, 2005 – INFUZE MAGAZINE is pairing up talented fiction writers with talented comic book artists, to see what kind of magic they can make together. The online publication is actively seeking applicants to participate in the program.

Adding to Infuze Magazine’s core weekly content of Reviews, Interviews, Original Creative Works, Blogs, and more, will be a new section devoted to Original Comic Books. Infuze Magazine covers the worlds of art and entertainment — including popular movies, music, novels, DVDs, video games, and yes, comic books.

“INFUZE MAGAZINE offers some of the most passionate, insightful, and articulate arts reporting on the web.”
Allan Heinberg Writer/Producer (THE O.C., SEX AND THE CITY, GILMORE GIRLS, Marvel’s YOUNG AVENGERS) and Infuze Magazine interviewee

Comics legend Chuck Dixon has kicked off the new section by previewing a brand new title exclusively at Infuze Magazine. Dixon’s FURY, NEVADA will be available in print later this year from hot new publisher NATIONAL FICTION, but Infuze Magazine has published an exclusive preview of the first 10 pages of issue #1, online now. National Fiction describes the series this way:

The world is in ruins and the human race devastated by an alien invasion. Only the tiny desert town of Fury, Nevada remains free. But within the hearts of the citizens of this flyspeck town is the secret that will bring the conquerors of Earth to their knees.

Fury, Nevada is the highly anticipated book from legendary writer Chuck Dixon, and features an all-star team of artists, including Rod Whigham on pencils, Roland Paris on inks, and Rob Schwager on colors.

“Though Infuze Magazine is known for its coverage of art and entertainment with an eye toward spiritual and moral ideas,” says Editor In Chief Robin Parrish, “we want to stress that we are NOT looking to publish ‘religious comics’. No preaching or proselytizing. We don’t draw distinctions between sacred and secular at Infuze, and we’re not going to start now. Rather, we’re looking for stories that are accessible to anyone, and more than anything else, are simply good storytelling.”

Parrish says that readers can expect to find comic tales from all genres: superhero, fantasy, sci-fi, real-world drama, humor, etc., in single-issue, mini, and ongoing series formats. “What’s in it for the writers and artists is the audience and platform we can bring them,” Parrish explains. “Although the ‘Infuze Comics’ branded comic books will be available online ONLY at, our greatest hope is that we can help nurture and further the careers of talented creators. So if say, any of the ‘big boys’ want to publish your work in print, we we’re not about stand in the way of that. Heck, we’ll be the first in line to buy a copy!”

Artists and writers interested in participating in the program can find the full details here.

“We would love nothing more,” Parrish concludes, “than to add to the modern pantheon of great comic book characters. We love characters like Superman, Peter Parker, Buffy Summers, Frodo, Harry Potter, and so many others — characters who are heroic not because of the powers they wield, but because of the choices they wrestle with. Look for the next great fictional characters at Infuze Magazine in the near future.”

Infuze Magazine was founded in 2004. The magazine is a division of CMI, Incorporated, a non-profit 501c3 organization.