Introductions & Sheldon Book Party

I want to thank Xavier for giving me this opportunity to guest-blog.  My name is Lewis, I co-author a webcomic (Terror Island), and blog about comics (Wax Intellectual).  You don't need to check out my blog though, as I've been holding off on posting things there to make sure I wouldn't be light on ideas for my stint as guest-blogger.

Since I would be remiss to pass up a chance to shill for my comic, though, I will encourage you all to check it out.  My cohort Ben and I are pioneering the genre of game-piece photocomics.  The central premise of our strip is that the main characters are engaged in a protracted fight over who has to go grocery shopping.  I recommend starting at the beginning.  I will forewarn you that a fair amount of the praise we have gotten is about surpassing extremely low expectations, so, I guess I can sell it to you as "a comic that is probably better than you would expect it to be."  But, that's enough about me and my comic.

The timing on my week of guest blogging could not have been any better, as I just arrived home from Dave Kellett's book release party for "62% More Awesome," the third Sheldon collection.  The party is still going on as I write this, but I left early on acount of being fairly tired.

The swanky shin-dig was sponsered by p.i.n.k vodka (infused with caffeine and guarana), which meant there were free mixed drinks for the attendees.  The five mixed drinks had Sheldon oriented themes, which was a nice touch.  Dave himself seemed to be quite busy throughout the time I was there sketching and signing books.

I asked Dave how one goes about arranging a fancy book release party like that, not because I'm releasing a book, but just because I was curious, and he indicated that, in L.A. in particular, the trick is just talking to the right marketing people or distributors, since they are always looking for venues to get their product out there.

I did not purchase the book at this party, because I had already picked one up at Comic-Con, but I did see a good number of people acquiring copies of their own.

If you are a webcomicker living in L.A., I recommend that find out how to have one of these events, and also that you invite me to it.



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