Start Using Piperka

Kari Pahula’s webcomic bookmarking service Piperka completely changed the way I read comics, it changed it for the better, and that is something I want to share with all of you.

You tell Piperka what comics you read, and Piperka checks for updates for you, so that you can go to a single page and see which of your comics have updated. This not only saves me a lot of disappointed browsing time (where I’d open all my bookmarks and, with a tear in my eye, close the ones with no new content), but it is also tremendously useful when I am trying to start reading an older comic with huge archives, as it can keep track of my place in those archives. It is also very nice when you get busy for a few days and can’t go about checking comics, since it knows when you stopped checking and can tell you precisely how far behind you fell.

I know I’ve seen Piperka discussed here before, but I felt the need to spread the word again, because it really is a surprisingly simple, useful tool, though right now, it is somewhat intimidating every time I check for updates because I am reminded of the many comics I have been meaning to start reading, but haven’t gotten around to yet.