I realized earlier that I wanted to write a post about Superosity while I am guest-blogging. Then, just moments ago, I realized that if I wanted to, there was nothing stopping me. So let’s talk about Superosity.

Here are some important points I want to make about it. First, its good and you should be reading it. Second, Chris (the character, not the author) is one of the best scripted idiots I have ever seen. And Third, the last few plotlines have been a lot of fun.

I’m going to tackle those points in reverse order. Superosity is fun as well as funny. At the risk of sounding pretentious, it has a jovial air about it (I guess that wasn’t a risk of sounding pretentious so much as an assurance of sounding pretentious). I think the best way to understand the tone of the strip is to recognize that the artwork embodies that tone. The most recent storylines involved the discovery of an evil anthropomorphic board (which gravitated towards Chris’s evil brother Bobby), and a trip to an alien planet which used to have its own Canada but is currently overrun with angry seeming wizards. The strip updates seven times a week, which is an insane schedule (I find myself struggling with a three/week schedule).

Now, onto the second point. Oftentimes, comedy featuring an idiot is annoying rather than entertaining. Scripting an idiot is difficult work. There are a lot of annoying pitfalls that stupid characters tend to stumble into. And by annoying pitfalls I mean, “most of the time, if a charcter is an idiot, they will be annoying” and that is a pitfall. The best film exception I have seen of that might be “The Dinner Game,” a French film in which snooty rich people invite idiots to dinner as a sort of contest, only the main character’s chosen idiot winds up wreaking havoc with his whole life, and, obviously, hilarity ensues. In webcomics, on the other hand, the single best example of a non-annoying moron character is, for my money, Chris from Superosity. His stupidity is clever in a way that makes it quite entertaining. He’s not boring, or arbitrarily random, and so his antics are legitimately funny. So, keep up the good work Chris Crosby.

And on to my final point. I assume that it is a very popular comic, but I don’t see people talking about it. So, go read it if you don’t already. Also, e-mail Chris Crosby and let him know if you want to see a Superosity book.



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