The Inventiveness of the Superhero Subgenre

This is either brillant or the end of the rope–you decide.

This January, Image Comics is putting out a book based on “Freedom Force,” the PC/Mac multi-player video game that puts you in control of one of a number of different heroes. The comics inspired game is created by Irrational Games.

CBR has a preview if you’re interested.


Xaviar Xerexes

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  1. Wait, so it’s a comic based on a game based on a comic?

    I’d say that my head hurts, but why do I have a feeling I’ve experienced something like this before?

    Oh wait, I think that was the book based on a movie based on a book…

  2. City of Heroes does this already, I think. The have competitions occasionally and you can have your virtual hero play a bit part in the monthly comic book. I don’t know if it’s just available to CoH subscribers or to the world in general though.

  3. The end of the superhero subgenre will come when no one is watching. In fact, no one watching will be the primary CAUSE. I just don’t see that happening in our generation, not with movies like INCREDIBLES and SPIDER-MAN 2 on the market.

    The subordination of the superhero subgenre, though, is happening right now, in the bookstore market. Check out PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY’s report on the top-selling graphic novels of 2004 (Google it).

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