It’s Friday! Oh Thank Gawd…

This is the doggiest day of the doggiest month for me.  And almost all of the over-committed; under-performed threads of my life seem to be getting their equal short share of me.  Sigh…

I’ll be on vacation the month of August 17th.  If you’ve ever had an interest in playing a "world famous" webcomics blogger/cub reporter on the Intertubes for a week shoot me an email (xerexes AT gmail DOT com) and maybe we can arrange for me to hand you the keys to the site for the week.  (Note – those were super-pretentious, self-mocking air quotes around the words "world famous")

Comics Worth Reading has a nice review of How To Make Webcomics.  I still haven’t read this but the reviews seem to have all been positive.

Overcompensating meets Sweeney Todd = Jeffrey Todd.  Pretty cool.

CBR covers Gunnerkrigg Court, calling it the Harry Potter of webcomics.

Congrats to Jeffbot on its first year anniversary.  I only found this comic recently but am enjoying it.

Congrats to the Chemistry Set collective on its second year anniversary.

Webcomics-savvy journalist Rick Marshall and ComicsMix are parting ways.  One, this apparently is part of the end of news at ComicsMix.   Two, I wish there was more money in comics journalism to keep good writers fully employed.

LA Times has an article up about Zuda — DC’s monthly webcomics contest.



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