It’s Webcomic Time

It’s the weekend… go outside already! 🙂

Take a tip from Tom: back dat data up!  I just got a HP Media Vault myself to back up the 3 different machines on the home network.  Over at FLEEN, Gary has some words of get-off-your-butt-and-protect-your-data.


Warren Ellis has a post on print following several posts he’s made about the low and dropping circulation figures for the existing Sci-Fi fiction magazines.  When Ellis muses about the market of comics and words and the web and printer’s ink, I read it.  He’s smart and he’s not dogmatic at all (either for priint, the web, the way it is or some fetish of the way it should be).  Things are changing and I hope better business/marketing/distribution models get sorted out for everyone’s sake.


Last week to vote for the Harvey Awards — ballots are due Friday, August 15, 2008.

Yakoff, yakon — in Soviet Union, Wondermark you!

Bernie Loves Predator’s new comic is a daily take on current events called If You See Something.



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