Kansas City Star drops PvP?

It appears that the Kansas City Star may have dropped Scott Kurtz’ PvP according to a thread at the PvP message board. Kurtz has, according to posts in the thread, not been able to get in contact with the Star and so it is not yet confirmed that this is exactly what has happened.




  1. From what I understand, Kurtz offers his strip to newspapers for free and he gets free advertising for his website in exchange. Unless he had a contract with the paper, this isn’t really the same as if they dropped a comic strip or an advertiser. PvP is treated more like clipart in this situation.
    It would have been polite of the paper to let Kurtz know if they’re not printing it anymore, though.

    I don’t get why the people on the PVP messageboard hated the comics the Kansas City Star is printing instead so much. Surely they can express their displeasure without insulting other cartoonists.

  2. “Surely they can express their displeasure without insulting other cartoonists.”

    They’re fans, so no.

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