Keenspot Move Gives Hope to Small Town? has published a small article about Keenspot’s recent move to its new headquarters in the Sioux Falls and how that has given hope to the small and sparsely-populated town of Cresbard.

Apparently the Keenspot move was also reported on air on August 12th by the local television morning show but the archive of that broadcast is no longer available.




  1. Perhaps we should summon CHRIS CROSBY to see if there is a realistic expectation that Keenspot will benefit the local economy in its new home?

  2. If you can’t tell between Keenspace and KeenSPOT, you’re hopeless as well 😉

  3. Sorry bout that, but confusion between those two always got on my nerves.

  4. Well, I rather doubt the Crosbys made any such claim, it’s more likely the town jumped to a conclusion when they heard a comic company was setting up shop in their locale. Not to perpetuate a small town stereo-type, but chances are the citizens have very little idea how an internet company works and assumed this would be a traditional operation with employees coming into work every day. Even if Keenspot was as profitable as Marvel or DC Comics, the way it’s run would have a nill effect on the local economy as the Keenspot cartoonists are spread all over the frigging globe.

    Saga of the Ram

  5. That was me, by the way.

    Why does Comixpedia never remember me?

  6. Oh, and I’ve got the KELOLAND TV news segment saved on my Dish Network DVR system, but I have no idea how to transfer it to the computer. I stupidly didn’t even know they had the video online while it was up.

  7. When the A Team rides in and saves your town, you’re desperate.

    When the Three Amigos ride in and save your town, you’re REALLY desperate.

    When Keenspace rides in and saves your town, you’re hopeless.

  8. Seeing as how I live in a small town environment, I think this is cool as shit. And the idea about making the football field into a drive in!?! Right on!!! — Heck, they could potentially hold comic conventions there and bring people from all over to that town— i mean, they havent mentioned that at all– but it’s an idea— and wow, that can really bring some cash to a small area. Gas Stations, airports, motels, restaurants– just about any business in a small town would benefit from that sort of regular event.

    Hats off to the Crosby folks.

  9. What will this town do when they realize they’ve pinned their hopes on a company that really makes no profits selling comic books, tee shirts or dolls? It’s one thing if the magnificent seven ride in to save a town. It’s another thing if people PRETENDING to be the magnificent seven ride in.

    It’s not like Marvel Comics or even Oni Press or Top Shelf moved to this town. There is no comic book company. It’s a guy and his mom.

    This whole town has bought into Crosby’s delusion.

  10. Heya, folks. There was also an article in the Aberdeen News that was picked up by the Associated Press, here’s a link to it:

    We’ve tried as much as possible to downplay the possibility that Keenspot’s presence in Cresbard will somehow save the town or become an economic boom, though my mom gets a little carried away sometimes talking about currently unfeasible future plans ideas (the anchorwoman on CBS/KELOLAND news seemed to be smirking as she talked about the potential football field drive-in theater). We’ve told them exactly how much money Keenspot grosses (as reported in the above AP article), and we’ve said from the start that we might not be able to hire ANYBODY (though we’ve already hired 3).

    Heck, we’ve tried desperately to downplay the idea that KEENSPOT bought the school, because they DIDN’T. The Crosby family (which co-owns Keenspot with Darren Bleuel and Nate Stone’s Orthonormal Systems, who are currently still headquartered in California) bought the Cresbard school, both as a place to work and live. Keenspot itself did not plunk down a dime for it (and we’re not charging them rent, either). Our responsibilities in running Keenspot account for the majority of Keenspot’s physical operations, so it’s accurate to say that Keenspot is headquartered in the Cresbard school, but it’s a dead wrong to say that Keenspot bought or owns the school. Keenspot does not. Despite this, newspaper articles and TV news segments report “Keenspot buys Cresbard school.” It’s hard to get that sort of nuance across in the media, I guess. (Some people probably thought MARVEL moved to SD because they showed X-MEN comics beside the anchorwoman’s head in the TV news segment.)

    Whatever the case, the appearance of Crosby/Keenspot in Cresbard has put $36,000 (the purchase price of the school) into Cresbard’s bank account (which they’re apparently using to pave the roads), and we’ve hired three Cresbard residents as part-time employees in our shipping department. So at the very least it looks like we’ll have a positive effect on the place. And it’s having a positive effect on us, too.

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