KeenSpot in South Dakota

It seems that the Crosbys can’t get enough education. The KeenSpot pioneers have moved to a school building in Cresbard, SD for new office space, warehouse, and living quarters. The move was prompted by Keen’s tremendous growth over the past year, making space in their Temple, CA home-based business a precious commodity. Southern California’s high operating costs couldn’t compete with the value to be found in The Mount Rushmore State, as the 41,440 square-foot building was purchased for $36,000. The vast amount of space will allow for more employees and inventory, hopefully freeing up some time to get the KeenToons animation site underway.

KeenSpot’s new mailing address is P.O. Box 110, Cresbard, SD 57435.




  1. That’s a big change. Is Cresbard a tiny little town (Are there any NOT-tiny little towns in South Dakota?)

  2. Bunch of guys move into an abandoned school in a hick-town to set up a comics company…

    … if that doesn’t sound like the plot of a webcomic…

  3. Population: Tire.
    This site says it’s population is one hundred forty-three. I typed it out to make it look bigger. But OMG: 143…

  4. …and now they’re suddenly paying us in pizza burgers, tater tots, and cling peaches in heavy syrup.

  5. It’s the shipping costs on them cling peaches that’ll eat us alive. 😛

  6. I’m just imagining Gav and Chris living together… and now I can’t get “The Odd Couple” theme out of my head.

  7. They are? Damn! Now I want to be Spotted more than ever! 😉

    Unless Joey Manley starts paying me in tater tots. 😀

    Saga of the Ram

  8. And in a backwoods town of 143 people. Remember that Wisconsin sitcom starring Norm Macdonald?

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