KeenSpot Updates: Zebra Girl, Fans and Profits?

In this thread over at Keenspot Central, LCARS (longtime forum poster there) notes that Zebra Girl is getting an invitation to the 'Spot.

Further down the thread, Chris Crosby responds to discussion of FANS moving from Keenspot to Graphic Smash with an interesting post on Keenspot profitability. Read on for Chris' post.

It should probably be noted that (as far as I know) FANS! will be profitable on Keenspot as of the 2nd Quarter 2003 income disbursement in October, and WOULD'VE been profitable in Q1 2003 if not for the much weaker ad revenue in 2001-02, which put it in the hole. In 2003, ad revenues have greatly increased while average bandwidth costs have lowered, which means that even very high-bandwidth-per-page should be profitable for the forseeable future.

Having a high-bandwidth-per-page site does NOT immediately equal unprofitability on Keenspot, generally.

The difference between a high-bandwidth site and a high-bandwidth-per-page site should also be noted. Being high-bandwidth is great because it usually means you're popular and you're generating high revenues. Being high-bandwidth-PER-PAGE is not quite as great, because if the bandwidh on a page costs more than the revenue generated by the ad on that page, that's unprofitable. The good news is that ad revenue increasing and bandwidth costs lowering means that even pages with big giant colorful 150K file size comics on them can be profitable.


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  1. It’s been interesting lately, KeenSpot has been going through quite a few changes in recent months.

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