Kit Kaleidoscope

Kit KaleidoscopeKit KaleidoscopeNick Mullins has two webcomics (also available in print) featuring Kit Kaleidoscope, a gravedigger who also draws. In "Kit Kaleidoscope and the Mermaid in the Jar" she meets a sculptor whose brother, a taxidermist, has died. In "Carnivale", still being serialized, Kit meets a young musician, while her coworker meets an old woman mourning her husband. Not a lot to say for a plot precis, but these are great comics. Mullins has beautiful linework that ise reproduced way too small to be really appreciated.

Both stories are completely wordless. He uses images in word balloons to create dialogue, mixing imagery and symbols to great effect. It is only occasionally difficult to follow the conversations. In one amazing scene the word balloons of Kit and the musician take on a life of their own as two bodies dancing together.

Both are worth reading, though Carnivale is serialized in extremely small segments (one tier of panels), which makes ongoing reading very fragmented.


Derik Badman

Derik A Badman is a web developer (for Springshare, Inc) and comics artist/critic living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA with his wife and two cats. His comics are often abstract or poetic in nature, frequently drawing from appropriated sources.