Kowabunga: TMNT Goes Webcomic!

Creator Peter Laird writes that Volume 4 of the comic of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be published as a webcomic before being collected in a later print version (Basically TMNT is going the Girl Genius route). The plan seems to be monthly updates ("Each issue will be posted online at the ninjaturtles.com official TMNT website, within a few days (or maybe even hours) of being completed.") Laird writes further:

There are a few reasons for this new approach, mostly related to my work habits. For quite some time, before I took most of the last year off from doing the Vol. 4 comics, I had been getting more and more frustrated by what was required of me, with every issue, to meet the requirements of Diamond Comics, the major comics distributor. This included preparing solicitation material three months in advance for the "Diamond Previews" catalog, along with ads and such. For whatever reason, preparing these materials on this schedule, along with actually getting the book ready to go to the printer by a set deadline, was just really starting to get to me. (Don’t get me wrong — Diamond’s system is a fine, reasonable, businesslike approach to distributing comics, and works very well. I just can’t deal with it anymore.)

I was also getting frustrated with the time lag between finishing the book and actually seeing it appear before the eyes of the fans, on comic store shelves. It would very often be up to four or five weeks from the time we sent the materials to our printer. Again, not uncommon and completely reasonable — it takes time to print, bind, trim and ship a comic book.


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