BLADE DVD Giveaway This Month

Hey let’s try a give-away this month since I have something to give away!

BLADE: HOUSE OF CHTHON is a sequel to one of the Blade flicks and I have five (5) DVDs of it to give away (from the studio). And it’s the un-rated version… Anyhow if you’re interested post a comic about the Blade movies or vampire stuff in a comment to this post. I’ll give one DVD to the one I like the best, one to the one that’s funniest and the other 3 I’ll draw names out of a hat from those who posted sketches in this thread. You have until Friday, October 5th to enter and we’ll announce prizes sometime before the end of the following weekend.

They made another Blade flick, you ask yourself? Yes they did (and you gotta love a show where Blade is played by someone with the name Sticky Fingaz):

The ultimate vampire hunter is back, and he is badder than ever! Blade continues the battle against his immortal bloodsucking enemies in Blade: House of Chthon, arriving on DVD from New Line Home Entertainment on September 18, 2007. Based on the successful Blade franchise, Blade: House of Chthon is the feature-length, extended and unrated pilot of the hit television show, Blade: The Series.

Here’s some more details on this if you’re interested. (I’m actually not getting anything for this — I’m doing it all for you the readers!)


Xaviar Xerexes

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  1. I assume that as one of three people who entered (Anon above) I won. Should I be expecting some sort of notification?

  2. Give him some time. He’s off playing Halo 3.

    Had I not been the only one to show any interest in this contest and had there been more than three entries I’m sure he would have been quick to resolve this. As it stands, only two people submitted strips. I’m not so sure how Xerexes will rule on the portrait. From my perspective it doesn’t qualify as it’s not a strip, nor is it about Blade or any vampire.

    We should hear something within the next few weeks. You can afford to be patient. I saw the series the DVD is based on. It was shown on Spike TV in the Summer of 2006. It wasn’t that good. HDNet showed it again in High Definition this last Summer. It was so good I only watched the two episodes that showed the naked chicks. 🙂

    The DVD doesn’t seem long enough to be the entire series. It looks like they edited it down to the bare basics. If that is true, you really can wait. 🙂

  3. I actually thought Blade: The Series was okay and getting better. It was certainly better than Painkiller Jane, the show that has replaced it in spirit, if not literally on the same channel. Blade:TS was kind of Highlander-esque. I suppose Bionic Woman is the current genre action show, but I find it to be equally meh with early Blade. There are 2-3 new vampire shows on this season, but they have all been so bland I can’t even keep them straight in my head.

  4. Charles S. Gaines (Cyberlord)

    Anonymous (Redvader)


    Darryl Hughes

    Just for the record – if we’d had more entries Anonymous would have been disqualified for failing to include any identifiable information (even non-registered users can leave some identifying information); and UTRadar would have been disqualified for being late (it’s always before midnight somewhere in the world but the site time is official). But we only had 3 and 1/2 entries so this time everyone wins! 🙂

    Also, Darryl says I shouldn’t have turned a giveaway into an art contest. He’s probably right.

    If I don’t have your physical mail address please email it to me so I can send off your prize. My email is xerexes AT comixpedia DOT com.


    Xaviar Xerexes

    Oh yeah… this place is called ComixTalk now.

  5. Congrats to everyone! Will we ever get to see the other two entries?

  6. If you want to see my entry send me an e-mail at cyberlord7 at Gmail dot comics. 🙂

    You’ll never see my entry here because it’s not PG. I took out the nudity but it’s still a little…strange. I’m ASS-U-ME-ing that the other entry has an issue much like my own and we will never see it unless the creator sends it to us (BIG HINT!).

    Oh, yeah, I usually only check my e-mail in the morning when I first arrive at work. That means if you send an e-mail today, I’ll send you the comic tomorrow morning.


    I would like to know what you thought of my strip. I haven’t published anything yet and any feedback would be appreciated. I have wide and strong shoulders so feel free to be critical. My motto is "if I don’t know it’s wrong, I can’t fix it."

    Thank you for the opportunity to compete. 🙂


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