Transmission-X Adds New Webcomics

The webcomic collective Transmission X has added four new ongoing comics to its daily schedule. In addition to the five comics that launched the site Karl Kerschl's Ragni: The North Sea Epoch and The Abominable Charles Christopher, Andy B's Raising Hell, Scott Hepburn's The Port and Cameron Stewart's Sin Titulo – Transmission-X is now proud to announce the debut of Ramon Perez's Kukuburi, Arthur Dela Cruz's Kissing Chaos: Til I Die, Brian McLachlan's The Princess Planet, and Michael Cho's Papercut.

Kukuburi, written and illustrated by Ramón Pérez, is the story of a motorcycle courier plucked from her mundane existence and thrust into a bizarre, dreamlike world where anything can (and does) happen. Perez is the co-creator and illustrator of the popular webcomic Butternutsquash, and has illustrated comics and role-playing games from publishers such as DC Comics and Palladium Press.

Kissing Chaos: Til I Die, written and illustrated by Arthur Dela Cruz, is the latest, all-new installment of his Eisner Award-nominated series about doomed romance, originally published by Oni Press.

The Princess Planet, by Brian McLachlan, is the long-running fantasy-humour strip appearing at McLachlan is a writer and cartoonist whose work has appeared in Owl Magazine, The Toronto Star, and Nickelodeon Magazine.

Papercut, by Michael Cho, is an ongoing anthology of short stories by the acclaimed illustrator, whose work has appeared in dozens of magazines and children’s books. Papercut will update on the 15th of every month with a complete, original story.

Also making its debut at last weekend’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival were the first installments of TXTV, a weekly video podcast filmed and edited by Brenden Fletcher that features a behind-the-scenes look at the life and work of all the Transmission-X creators. TXTV will be available for weekly download beginning in September.


Xaviar Xerexes

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