Life in Links for Wednesday, July 11, 2007



  • Corey Marie marks one year on her webcomic Scene Language. Congrats!
  • Missed this – but Todd Allen had an interview with T Campbell – largely about his comics journalism at Broken Frontiers this year. I’ve enjoyed many of the pieces T wrote for the site but I have to admit I don’t like the obsessive focus on superhero comic books there – it often feels like 60-75% of the site is focused on that genre/format…




  • Comics2Film reports that Shannon Eric Denton, part of the webcomics site, Komikwerks is moving into television production with CBS putting World Of Quest – an animated show based on the webcomic of the same name – on its Fall schedule. Denton has also done a deal for a pilot based on a second Komikwerks webcomic title, Wyoming.



  • Been thinking a bit more about this DC Zuda webcomics site and the more I think about it the more I go zzzzzz….� Sure it could be great, I am reserving judgment until there’s an actual launch later this year but the basic concept as announced?� It plays to none of DC’s supposed strengths.� This is a superhero publishing house right?� With tremendous character assets… with extremely long story archives that right now are hard to obtain a complete copy of on paper or digitally… legally, anyhow.� DC is probably losing a lot of money from pirated scans and is losing a lot more money from not coming up with and executing on a viable plan to digitally distribute the great character assets that it has.� The web is the best system for reading comics with long archives and intricate storylines because every new reader can dive into as much of the comic as they want.� There are some assertions that longer-form comics don’t work on the web but I think a lot of that has to do with schedule, serialization and consistency (longer works take a larger commitment from the creators) and while superhero stories aren’t everyone’s cup of joe,, they aren’t boring and a 22 page story isn’t too long for a single read at the computer.� I don’t know if DC should be doing a per-issue system or a Rhapsody subscription system but they should be doing something.� They are probably literally throwing money away right now because there is no way to get their comics through the web and then you throw in the seeming continued growth of pirated digital scans of their work.� Their paying-for-it-in-print audience is shrinking and they’re letting their potential digital audience get used to getting it for free. Zuda comics is completely irrelevant to the actual hard digitial distribution questions DC needs to deal with.

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