Is The Man Keeping Us Down, Or Is It Just Us?

Entitlement, anyone?

After a terrifying barrage of vitrolic hate from vast legions within the webcomic community, we have channeled all that energy into…. what? A more extensive and nuanced A stunning Citzendium prescence? A increase in participation within the strictures of Wikipedia? Not as far as I can tell. We've done nothing. A big fat zero. Citzendium has a stub for xkcd. That is the whole thing. And I would venture to guess that stub exists because Citzendium attracts intellectual geeks, not because of our efforts. Wikipedia seems to be pretty much the same, with the same old faces and the same old arguements. Comixpedia languishes as little more than an ad board.

In case you aren't picking up where I am going with this, we should be embarassed. I am embarrassed. I am joining Citizendium today to try to help rectify the problem. I hope everyone who complained follows suit and gets out there to do something productive. If we care so little about webcomics, why should we expect anyone else to?


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