DrunkDuck At Wizard World

Carly Mizzou is now taking sign-ups for Wizard World Chicago for DrunkDuck members. Like the previous two Wizard World gatherings, space will be broken up based on the number of users interested.

She also released the list of DrunkDuck participants for Wizard World Philadelphia. This year DrunkDuck/Platinum Studios will also be hosting a panel and a competition during the convention.

Table attendees for Wizard World Philadelphia will include:

DJ Coffman and Jason Embry: Hero By Night

Ameilus and Evil Emperor Nick: Charby the Vampirate

Ronson and SpANG: Gods of Arrkelaan


Acadia and Sovietturkey: Applied Living

Dockworker and The Dock: The Dock

jgib99: How Unfortunate

Suzi, Billy the Zombie, SammyG, and Kit: Greater than Colon O

Celrena: My Random Drawings

Alexis: Life on the Fringe

The two events hosted are:

Sunday, June 17, 11:30 AM
Web Comics: Development and Marketing

Are you a web comic creator looking to take your comic to a "professional" level?

Join 2006 Comic Book Challenge winner DJ Coffman and other comic industry professionals for a discussion on how to develop your web comic into a marketable property. Topics will include growing your audience, grassroots marketing, networking in the industry, digital merchandising and licensing. A must see for any aspiring web comics professional.

Iron Artist Competition
Saturday, June 16, 2:00 PM

Who will be the artist supreme? Come see our artist alley participants battle each other to the death (okay not really) for the title of "Iron Artist Philadelphia". Oh my what could the secret ingredient be? The suspense is killing me!

We will also have sweet giveaways and all kinds of great freebies. Come down to the show and help support your web comics community!