Tips and Tricks: Spreading The Love

Every so often, someone goes into the DrunkDuck Tips and Tricks forum and share some of their own art tricks with the community. It's a really kind thing to do since that kind of contribution takes time and time is a valuable resource.

So I figure, why not share the love? Read on for some tips and tricks from various artists!

Xerjester is the mind behind Swordwaltzer and he shared a few tips and tricks of his own:
Xerjester's CG Tip of the Week: Glows
Xerjester's CG Tip of the Week: Line Knockouts
Xerjester's CG Tip of the Week: Organizing the Chaos

MisterSpook of Slither and Friends fame share his process:
The Spook Method

Gigatwo of Gimpage shows how he colours lineart using Inkscape:
Basic Trick, coloring lineart in Inkscape (emulating the bucket fill)
(And if you check out Gimpage, you can see some tips and tricks he has using The Gimp program!)

Someone asked how to create a water effect for their webcomic so SilentKitty of Purgatory Tower explains how she does it on Photoshop.