Mangaesque Webcomics In Print

Last week, the third Megatokyo collection hit stores. This week, the PopImage roundtable revealed that Amy Kim Ganter has an upcoming series with Tokyopop, entitled Sorcerers and Secretaries.

After winning third place in Rising Stars of Manga 4, I asked the editor I was in contact with if she’d be interested in a story that continued the tale I told in the contest entry. Fortunately she was interested, and we worked together to create a good pitch. The staff at Tokyopop seemed to like it and I’ve been working with them since!

Ganter also recently quit her internship at Gamelab, to work on comics full time.


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  1. Hell yes! Go Amy!

    She always had some of my favorite stuff to read at– I was sad to see her go. 🙁

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