1. Ohmygod! Modern Tales is becoming the webcomic version of Marvel. I guess next Joey will cut out the middleman altogether and just interview himself about WCN.


  2. I don’t entirely get the Marvel analogy, but the point seems clear. Modern Tales actually did have its own online radio show at one point, but Lea Hernandez’s time constraints have consigned it to oblivion. In this case, it was all my idea– but not a huge conflict for Meanwhile as Dave and I have defined it.

    The way it happened was this: I was doing the Meanwhile ‘cast with Dave on Sunday like usual when Joey phoned me about the Washington Webtoonists meetup. Dave and I had been talking about how to get more events coverage and interviews on the site, and since Joey had just finished WCN, it seemed like a golden opportunity.

    I’ve freely promoted all my projects on Meanwhile if it seemed timely to do so– our blog has a “shameless plugs” tag. It’s not meant to be CNN, but rather two guys, one an enthusiastic comic-book buyer and the other deeply involved in the world of webcomics, and their PERSONAL perspective on various aspects of the comics world. Dave, for instance, spends a good deal of time talking with the comics retailers who’ve served him for the past four years.

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