Melonpool Books on Sale!

For a limited time only, all remaining stock on The Ultimate Melonpool, Melonpool II: The Voyage Home, Melonpool III: A New Hope and Melonpool V: This Island Earth have been dramatically reduced in price (regularly $19.95, now only $7 plus shipping)!

This is an effort for Steve Troop to regain control of his linen closet as well as get these hi-quality collections into the hands of fans that might otherwise not be able to afford them. All books come signed by the author and can be bought through the Melonpool website.



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  1. As someone who owns all five of the current Melonpool books, I can say with certainty that this is an amazing deal. Melonpool is a great comic with excellent stories, characters, and artwork, and the books only amplify this with commentary and bonus material galore. $7 for books of this quality (and size–they’re huge) is absolutely amazing, and it would be a great shame to miss out on this deal.

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